The Highland Educational Project
And the work goes on...

HEP received the news a few weeks ago that the work group from St. James, Leesburg, would not be able to make their annual trip to McDowell County this summer.  In trying to keep with our commitment to help those of the region who are in need, Lori, along with Bucky, David, and Josh, set out to complete one of the projects that were assigned to St. James.

The task was to construct a more sturdy handicap ramp for a nearby resident.  She got the ramp, along with a new porch.  This gave her a second (and safer) way to exit her home.  Previously, the only way out of her home was through the back and on a ramp that has become less and less safe over the years. 

It marked a number of "firsts" for Josh:

First time using a sliding compound miter saw.
First time building a deck.
First time building a handicap ramp.
First time laying concrete. 

This project took two days and four people to complete.  Can you give two days and come have a summer of "firsts", like Josh? 

Finished Deck and Ramp

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